GovLive Tweets rings in the new year

What is your government tweeting now? GovLive Tweets officially rings in the new year to answer just that – displaying official local, county and state government Twitter feeds all in one place.

GovLive Tweets Logo

The response so far has been great, with new agencies e-mailing us every day submitting their Twitter feeds. With 71,866 Tweets from 551 Agencies at the time of this writing, it wont be long before we hit 100,000 updates!

We’d like to thank JD Rucker for first covering GovLive Tweets and encourage others to jump in too (hint, hint).

Here’s a rundown of the features you’ll find at GovLive Tweets:

  • Filter by your state and county
  • Display where each tweet is coming from on a map
  • Retweet and reply to your government’s updates
  • Chart of activity over the past 24 hours (very cool!)
  • “More tweets since you visited” ¬†feature, updating in real-time
  • If (or when) Twitter periodically goes down, we keep on truckin

If you have any suggestions for us, we’re listening! Leave a comment below.


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